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    1. The Crystal Energy Course

    1. Section 1 Crystal Basics (PDF / AUDIO)
    2. Section 2 Cleansing Your Space and Yourself (PDF / AUDIO)
    3. Section 3 Balancing Energy Centers with Crystals (PDF / AUDIO)
    4. Section 4 Working With Crystal Grids (PDF / AUDIO)
    5. Section 5 Using Crystals (PDF / AUDIO)
    6. Section 6 Working With Pendulums (PDF / AUDIO)
    7. Section 7 Using Crystals in Meditation (PDF / AUDIO)
    8. Section 8 (Bonus) Crystal Beauty (PDF / AUDIO)

    Or : download the entire course at once as a ZIP file.

    2. Meditations

    Or : download the entire album.

    3. Spirit Soundz

    Or : download the entire album.

    4. Nature's Soundscape

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    5. Mystic Vibrations

    Or : download the entire album.

    6. The Crystal Companion (eBook)

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    BONUS - $475 worth of crystal shop coupons

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