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    9-Piece Guardian Angel Protection Set

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    💚The power of all three in our 9-Piece Guardian Angel Protection Set. Obsidian, selenite, and black tourmaline make an excellent triangle of crystal power. Among them, energies of balance, purification, and protection are channeled. Not only do the obsidian and black tourmaline provide grounding and protection from negativity and bad energy, but the selenite opens a pathway in the upper chakras to receive communication with the divine. For the purposes of reaching your angels, these three crystals work together to make sure you are in the right state of mind and spirit to receive the guidance and protection you seek.

    This 9-Piece Guardian Angel Protection Set includes:
    6 selenite sticks - 1 obsidian point - 1 tourmaline rough natural specimen

    Named after the Greek Goddess of the moon, Selene, the clear white color of Selenite reminds us of moonlight and of the heavens. This 7th (crown) chakra stone channels energy from the etheric planes and helps one to connect with their angels as well as the archangels. Its energy is both delicate and high-frequency, and although intense, it instills calm and peaceful vibrations while also keeping one grounded. Selenite helps one connect to their higher self as well as other dimensions and it is said that if one points a selenite wand at their third eye, they can feel the energy shift into and out from the top of the head. It can be used for cleansing, meditation, or prayer as it removes negative energy and opens a channel of communication with your angels. 

    Chakra: Etheric, Crown, Third Eye
    Planet: Root 
    Vibration Number: 8

    Angelic Association: Archangel Michael, the “mighty warrior, one like god” who provides protection, releases fear, and cuts old energetic cords to instill strength and confidence. He is one of the most well-known guardian angels and in the Bible is portrayed as the “leader of angels”. He is the champion of courage and protector of the land and all its inhabitants. 

    Highly valued in the ancient world for creating blades and arrowheads, traces of obsidian date as far back as 7,000 years ago. This volcanic glass was a popular choice in the Aztec world for surgical tools, weaponry, and scrying mirrors. Its properties are highly protective and are said to be one of the strongest dispellers of negative energy when it comes to crystals. Obsidian’s powerful grounding frequencies also help to cleanse the auric field and provide psychic protection, especially when working with spiritual communication. In the mid 1500’s, Dr. John Dee, a philosopher of the occult became a part of the court of England. He presented his ideologies of divination and claimed that the angel Uriel gifted him an obsidian mirror with which he could foresee any plots against the crown. Although it was later revealed that the mirror was of Aztec origin, many spiritualists associate obsidian with the archangel. 

    Chakra: Root 
    Planet: Saturn 
    Vibration Number: 1

    Angelic Association: Archangel Uriel, whose name means “the fire of God” or “God is my light”. He is the angel of transformation who guards those strong in faith who are seeking wisdom and truth, and assists on the journey to building a deeper connection with the Divine. When it comes to defending and protecting humankind, Uriel is one of the most important Archangels who will never lead you down a questionable path without a purpose. 

    Black Tourmaline 
    Also known as Schorl, Black Tourmaline was first named in 1400 A.D. after a small village in Saxony, Germany. This stone has been used and traded since ancient times and is very popular in spiritual practices for its protective properties. Fun fact: tourmaline of all colors can be electrically charged by rubbing your fingers on each end, causing the stone to attract particles in the air - a quite peculiar feature considering that black tourmaline is also known to block EMF waves and other forms of atmospheric pollutants. But all that sciency jazz aside, black tourmaline is best known for its ability to deter negativity while cleansing and protecting the auric field. It is also a great choice for anyone struggling with anxiety, anger, and unpleasant or uncomfortable thoughts. Black tourmaline transmutes negativity into positive energy while also providing balance and activating both sides of the brain. It is known to detoxify impurities from the mind, spirit, and body. 

    Chakra: Root
    Planet: Earth 
    Vibration Number: 3 & 4  

    Angelic Association: Archangel Zadkiel, the angel of mercy whose name means “righteousness of God”. He is often looked to for guidance and strength who teaches forgiveness and compassion. Because of his association with the planet Jupiter, he is known as the angel of abundance, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, acceptance, empathy, happiness, contentment, and good fortune. 

    Pairing Selenite & Obsidian 
    Some would warn against pairing two crystals of the opposite color or vibration, simply because they may intensify each other to an extent of reaching chaotic energy. However, because the purpose here is for protection, selenite and obsidian work very well together. As selenite purifies, cleanses, and helps to channel divine energy, it will also help to boost obsidian’s protective properties. As one brings positive energy, the other will deflect negative energy. 

    Pairing Selenite & Black Tourmaline 
    These two are quite similar to the pairing above, where one cleanses and one protects. The difference is rather minimal, given that black tourmaline tends to “absorb” negative energy rather than dispel it. When working with selenite and black tourmaline, one can expect protection not only of the physical or mental, but also of the auric field. 

    Pairing Obsidian & Black Tourmaline 
    Two “heavy” crystals surprisingly make a wonderful pair when it comes to protection. As black obsidian grounds, black tourmaline protects against unwanted energy. Pairing the two may lower vibrations, however, so it’s important to do this with caution, especially if one is prone to depression and low energy frequencies.

    Working with Crystals and Archangels  
    Before you begin any sort of spiritual work, with crystals or without, it’s essential to cleanse yourself, your space, and your tools. Do this purposefully, with the intention of dispelling any unwanted energy which does not belong to you, or which does not serve your purpose. Cleansing can be done with a variety of tools, such as smudge sticks (sage recommended) or sound cleansing bowls or bells. When working with crystals, be sure to cleanse them as well, as they may have gathered some stagnant energy from the last time they were used. 

    Meditation can be one of the most powerful ways to communicate with your angels. Archangels can be contacted most effectively when your mind is clear and free from any cluttered thoughts - when your mind and heart are most receptive to communication from the spiritual realm. Try these steps to get yourself started. 

    1. Depending on what comes more naturally, take a seat or lay on the floor. Straighten your spine and open your chest and lungs. 
    2. Close your eyes, taking intentional breaths through your nose. 
    3. Pay close attention to any feelings you may experience in your body, even discomfort, and allow yourself to experience them. 
    4. As you breathe, think of negativity leaving your body while you exhale and of positivity entering your body while you inhale. 
    5. When you are feeling calm and receptive to guidance from the angels, request that your chosen Archangel visits you. 
    6. Thinking your request or saying it out loud is entirely up to you - he will hear it. 
    7. You may send a personal intention or request, depending on how you feel, but make sure he understands why you are reaching out to him. 

    As with any spiritual practice, reaching out and requesting help will always support your purpose. Whatever your faith or belief, or whatever you like to call it, prayer is a way to connect directly with your angels. Give thanks, or ask for help. It will be heard, so long as you do it with intentionality.

    Size *All sizes are approximate. *Each one of a kind crystal will vary slightly.
    Point Size
    📏 3"-4"
    📏 7.6-10cm 
    Selenite Stick Size

    📏 4"
    📏 10cm 
    *Never put selenite sticks in water as they can dissolve. Selenite is a 'self-cleansing' stone.
    Tourmaline Rough Natural Stone
    📏 1"-1.5"
    📏 2.5-3.8cm 

    MYSTIC LORE, LEGEND & DISCLAIMER: Through the ages, crystals and stones have been collected and prized for their timeless beauty, for their rich history and even their potential spiritual and metaphysical properties! We love the idea that crystals may have mystical properties, but please be aware... nothing we sell comes with any sort of mystical guarantee! 😉 


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    These little hedgies are AMAZING! They were bigger than I was expecting! All my obelisks were perfect as well. Highly recommend this seller. I’ve ordered many crystals and they have all been great quality.

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