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    Honey Calcite Generator

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    💚Honey Calcite - Crystal of Confidence, Optimism, Manifestation

    Crystal Generator Benefits: Generators are powerful tools for energy amplification and manifestation. Their size and shape enhance energy flow, promoting balance, clarity, and spiritual connection. These generators act as energetic powerhouses, magnifying intentions and aiding in manifestation.

    💚Honey calcite is known to enhance confidence, motivation, and self-worth, helping to overcome obstacles and achieve personal goals.

    💚 It promotes a positive mindset and uplifts the spirit, fostering joy, optimism, and a sense of inner strength and empowerment.

    💚Honey calcite is believed to support creativity and enhance one's ability to manifest abundance and prosperity in various aspects of life.

    💚Honey calcite is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra, aiding in personal power, self-confidence, and transformational growth.

    Size *All sizes are approximate. *Each one of a kind crystal will vary slightly.
    Generator Size (Short & Thick)
    📏 2"-3"
    📏 5-7.5cm 

    WHAT IS HONEY CALCITE? Honey Calcite typically has a honey-like or golden-yellow color, which is attributed to the presence of impurities and trace elements during its formation. Honey Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral that belongs to the calcite group. It is commonly found in sedimentary rocks and forms through the precipitation of calcium carbonate from solutions in the Earth's crust.

    WHY IT'S AWESOME? Honey Calcite is highly valued by crystal collectors for its vibrant golden-yellow color and its association with properties of abundance, confidence, and personal power. In folklore, Honey Calcite is believed to have the energy of the sun, radiating warmth, positivity, and vitality. Honey Calcite is associated with goddesses of abundance and fertility, symbolizing the nurturing and transformative powers of the Earth.

    WHERE IS IT FOUND? can be found in various locations around the world, including the United States, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru.

    MYSTIC LORE, LEGEND & DISCLAIMER: Through the ages, crystals and stones have been collected and prized for their timeless beauty, for their rich history and even their potential spiritual and metaphysical properties! We love the idea that crystals may have mystical properties, but please be aware... nothing we sell comes with any sort of mystical guarantee! 😉


    So happy with my crystals, well worth the price. Thank-you very much! 💖🦋

    Beautiful set, consciously packaged. My office has me buzzing as soon as I walk in now! So grateful, it’s exactly as described.

    These little hedgies are AMAZING! They were bigger than I was expecting! All my obelisks were perfect as well. Highly recommend this seller. I’ve ordered many crystals and they have all been great quality.

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