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    Chakra Alignment Crystal Pouch Set

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    💚Embark on a transformative journey with our 9-Piece Chakra Alignment Crystal Pouch Set. Immerse yourself in the harmonizing energies of these stones, each resonating with a specific chakra to restore balance and vitality to your being. The set encompasses 7 rough stone specimens, including the regal Lapis Lazuli fostering inner wisdom, the vibrant Apatite igniting creativity, and the grounding Obsidian for protection. Amplify intentions with the Quartz Natural Shard, while the Selenite wand purifies and connects you to celestial realms. The velvet pouch cradles your treasures, making holistic wellness an ever-present companion. Carry the symphony of chakras wherever your journey leads.

    Pouch Collection Benefits: Travel size set, excellent gift idea, perfect for altars & gridding.

    Rough Natural Crystal Benefits: Natural crystals in their raw, unpolished form are believed to possess a powerful energy and spiritual essence. Untouched by human intervention, these crystals are thought to retain the pure and authentic vibrations of the Earth, connecting us to the natural world and enhancing our spiritual connection and energetic experiences.

    💚This 9-Piece Chakra Alignment Crystal Pouch Set includes:
    7-rough stone specimens - 1 selenite stick - 1 natural quartz shard - PLUS 1 velvet pouch.
    Chakra Natural Stones + Velvet Bag + Quartz Shard Activator + Selenite Stick

    (1) - Clear quartz - Crown Chakra - Clarity, Healing & Energy Amplification
    (1) - Lapis lazuli - Third Eye Chakra -
     Wisdom, Truth & Inner Vision
    (1) - Apatite - Throat Chakra -
    Inspiration, Clarity & Communication
    (1) - Ruby in zoisite - Heart Chakra -
     Passion, Vitality & Growth
    (1) - Citrine - Solar Plexus Chakra -
    Abundance, Joy & Manifestation
    (1) - Tiger's eye - Sacral Chakra - 
    Courage, Confidence & Protection
    (1) - Obsidian - Root Chakra - 
    Protection, Grounding & Transformation
    (1) - Natural quartz shard -
    Activator & Amplification Crystal
    (1) - Selenite wand - 
    Cleanser Crystal of negative energy and opens a channel of communication with your angels. 
    (1) - Velvet pouch -
    Convenient carry pouch

    Size *All sizes are approximate. *Each one of a kind crystal will vary slightly.
    📏 4"
    📏 10cm 
    Rough Stones Average

    📏 1.5"-2"  
    📏 3.8-5cm 
    Natural Shard Size
    📏 1"-2"
    📏 3- 5cm

    MYSTIC LORE, LEGEND & DISCLAIMER: Through the ages, crystals and stones have been collected and prized for their timeless beauty, for their rich history and even their potential spiritual and metaphysical properties! We love the idea that crystals may have mystical properties, but please be aware... nothing we sell comes with any sort of mystical guarantee! 😉



    So happy with my crystals, well worth the price. Thank-you very much! 💖🦋

    Beautiful set, consciously packaged. My office has me buzzing as soon as I walk in now! So grateful, it’s exactly as described.

    These little hedgies are AMAZING! They were bigger than I was expecting! All my obelisks were perfect as well. Highly recommend this seller. I’ve ordered many crystals and they have all been great quality.

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